Beneath The Faith

by Austin

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released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Austin São Paulo, Brazil

Austin is a Brazilian melodic punk band from Franca / São Paulo.

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Track Name: Another Whore
I’m just another whore,
changing time for cash
Should stand for something more
than this sick and poor happiness

All the people around are about to forget
in the end, after all, everyone will be dead
and the precious bank account will not follow them

That´s why I sing it…

These days are passing by
Those faces seem the same
I just don´t get it, Why
instead of fun people prefer the fame?

Money talks nowadays and even opens some doors
Most of my mistakes are related to yours
the human greed and behavior make me feel so disdain
Track Name: Your Choice (I don't know)
You have your choice,
change the world or get a girl
Am I really this super hero?

I lead a normal life,
work, study, smoke and drink
If you have time
break up my routine

I don´t know, become the hero of the nation
I don´t know, become the husband that she dreams
I don´t know, talking about how I should be
I don´t know, like a model in the mirror

I don´t know where I’ll work harder
saving people from evil, against the bad,
or spend all my lifetime
just fucking with the same woman?
Which one is harder?
Track Name: Beneath The Faith
Life is not as easy as it was supposed to be
In the other hand it’s not that hard as they told me
A couple of answers and questions… Why are you afraid?
It’s all about what you dream, man! Tons of colors, plenty of shades

You are all the choices you make,
you’ve got to build up your way
Just move on, don’t sit down and pray
You may believe, have your faith
But Jesus won’t push you away
Get things done, make the Earth a better place!

You get to know many people in this tortuous long road
Some of them have their value, other just don’t worth
Insane and unstable, methodical and down to earth
It doesn’t matter the shape, bro, as long as you´re really inboard
Track Name: Sorry
but I can´t understand the hell I feel
don´t know, say yes or no
stay or go,
doubts in my head

there are so many things that seem to be
This false reality we’re tired to see
is not going to happen

But I don´t want to stop it now
I just want you to suck
shake the walls around us
asking again the fuck

Then around us
relief because it´s over here
Take the bus
to go home and get to sleep

I feel this is the last time
and another woman I have to find
Friendship is broken
We took the wrong road