Self Titled

by Austin

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released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Austin São Paulo, Brazil

Austin is a Brazilian melodic punk band from Franca / São Paulo.

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Track Name: All Saints Day
Life is simple, we complicate it
Bitter, sweet, love and hate
Mixed up in a yellow glass

Sorry but I had to go
I prefer being alone
Than make you suffer again

What I did I did for you
All this pain that we went through
Never meant to hurt you in anyway

Memories I have of us
Perfect girl, miss you the most
Forever I will regret this day
Track Name: Joanne
Yesterday I saw Joanne
She was kissing my girlfriend
I must say it turned me on
"C'mon girls I'll take you home"

let's reach together paradise
what a beautiful surprise
Three are way better than two
you fuck her and I fuck you

Joanne always seemed to be
The girl that was perfect for me
But she likes my girl the most

Never felt something like that
A fight between pussies and rats
Now I don't know what to do
I never knew this side of you
Track Name: Mexican Love
From all the girls that he could choose
Carlos always wanted to kiss her
Complete respect and no abuse
Mario always wanted to kiss her
Long Black Hair and sky-blue eyes
Ramon always wanted to kiss her
A sin-passport to paradise
Julio always wanted to kiss her

Ya, Ya, Ya... Mexican Love
Track Name: No One Can Stop Us
We trapped ourselves
In this stinking prison while
Growing up

Changed our manners
Learned good behaviors
and to suit up

But now we're breaking down
All these damn bars
Leave all the chains behind
No one can stop us

Stop the racing
We are running backwards
When we should go ahead
Skate and sneakers
We the true believers
Boyhood never ends
Track Name: Silence in Society
What's the problem? Where's the solution?
We're confused to know what's right
See lost people, every man for himself, surviving in hell

To find a way, finding some reasons about what is right or wrong
never give up life is just one, what will be tomorrow?

follow and fight the last day, where's the light, see only darkness
misery and chaos, I see no future to society

Silence In society Silence in society
Voice of chaos only in this day
Silence in society Silence in society
Will be tomorrow like shit always

Conformed to the situation, not read to the next round
it's the price for hide living, my place in the underground

without know where to stop
deep crisis knocks them out
this is not enough for me
I lost the battle but I'll win the war
Track Name: Make A Change
Don't ask me when I was born and where I'm from
Which religion is mine, where do I belong
This world ain't for me!

So what you´re gonna do about my respect?
I'm not the guy who's gonna stick out the neck
Today I give up, I don't care

About the stupid things you keep saying
A better man requires good company
So make a change! And I

Don't wanna be alone forever
Don't wanna waste my entire life
Don't wanna hear you cry, together
We never touched each other's heart
Track Name: Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline is all alone
lying in her bed
Thinking about the things she had done
all the things she said

Never meant to become
This little monster she became
Killing for money, causing pain

Twenty dead bodies that she threw away
She did as she was told, but never got paid
Sweet Caroline!

"I wanna change, I wanna live
live the word of God
I'll apologize if you forgive
please, I beg you of!

Never meant to become
This little monster I became
Pardon me, I'm not the same"
Track Name: Nice Shot
Just like I said
You pulled the trigger
Right away

No fear, no hesitation
No poor remorses
For today

Nice shot, man
You did ok!
You killed the guy
I always hate
Track Name: Men Don't Like To Talk
Men don't like to talk,
Men just wanna fuck
Please, take your clothes off!
Track Name: Succeed
Wanna be somebody else, but I don't know how
Every move I make I feel I'm going down
There's something on my mind I can't explain
I just can't understand and I can't contain

So believe me I'll try
My best to analyze
My chances to really Succeed

Some say that I should quit some say "go on"
Best things in man are the options he takes on
My life won't get any better unless I do
All the things I couldn't expect coming back from you
Track Name: New Land
New land, new world, new ages
indirectly we live in a war
only the strong survives
thirsty one who will fight

I see everyone in the village
Talking about what is to be free
Since the times in my mind
Crazy lives will I die

Never found a failure system
Long road travel in destruction
Man is the problem itself
Wanting to find a solution

I see everyone on the streets
Begging for mercy and some food
Trapped forever even when they die
Eternal karma that our souls carry
Track Name: Child's Dream
Cheers! You made it again!
You killed a child's dream

Forced the boy to grown
and act like "human being"

No shorts no games no jokes
a man wears suits and pants

No joy just pain and smoke
the kid was left behind

Every single child in this world
Should have the opportunity to play
With all the other kids or alone

You can't make that decision
Children's got to study
Not work several hours in a day